Who we work with

Look through our projects and you will see the same names reappearing as clients. We like to build long-lasting and trusting relationships whether it be with blue chip or boutique developers, business-minded local councils or cultural and health providers.
That’s why they ask us back for more and why they value our input beyond the architectural: we get involved in feasibility studies, advising on how best to prioritise limited resources or discussions about how an institution might best change its estate to reflect its ambitions, identity and vision.

We trust in our collaborators too so that we can work efficiently alongside other consultants and creatively with manufacturers when we are devising that bespoke solution to a problem.

Why work with us

Sarah Dunning OBE

CEO, Westmorland

We were looking to build a new motorway service area on a greenfield site and wanted to create something sleek and contemporary, but at the same time, crafted, with a strong presence of natural materials.

Flanked by AONB (Area of Natural Beauty), it needed to look like it belonged there from the outside, with minimal landscape disruption.

Glenn and his team had all the experience to do this and they created a building which our customers love and of which we feel very proud.

Kevin McCloud MBE


It's quite easy to sum up why working with Glenn Howells is such a delight. There's an incredible culture of curiosity which runs throughout the whole practice. What this means is that everybody who works there is both interesting and interested in every aspect of the design process.

It's all too easy for design to drown under a weight of consultation but the fact that Glenn and his staff tackle the whole business of talking and listening with such relish means that it adds to, rather than detracts from, momentum and fun.

Gill Morbey OBE

Chief Executive, Sense

Sense is embarking on an ambitious new build and through a competitive tender Glenn Howells have become our architects. I'm delighted to say they have been with us every step of the way, listening to the many needs we have for the building, engaging with people with disabilities, our staff and Trustees.

They have offered guidance, providing advice and solutions to the inevitable challenges. Nothing has been too much for the team at GHA, attending meetings, focus groups and always available.