YO! Home

New Islington, Manchester

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Conceived and developed by Simon Woodroffe, founder of YO! Company, YO! Home addresses the need for urban apartments and introduces a new concept for compact high-quality living for buyers who are seeking maximum value and space for their money.


The first YO! Home development of 24 modular apartments, in New Islington, Manchester, was granted planning permission in September 2016.

Pod exploded

The design of each unit centres on a kit of moving parts which draw on the mechanics of stage scenery, transforming a 41 sq m space (the size of a one bedroom apartment) into a much larger home. The use of multi-purpose furniture, cleverly crafted moving elements, and a carefully considered design of space helps to create a flexible home which can transform the way we live.

Concept model
Concept model

A unique aspect of the project is its modular construction. By working alongside SIG Building Systems, GHA were able to develop the ideas and have a prototype module built to test the concept.  By responding to the critical dimensions at which an item could be transported without a police escort, each apartment was designed to be delivered as a single prefabricated unit. The whole prefabrication process reduces on-site costs and eliminates factors such as weather affecting build times (and therefore cost).

Pod plan