Hulme Street


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Standing at 55 storeys, this slender tower adjacent to Manchester’s Oxford Road Station aims to establish a new city landmark that will bring Manchester’s industrial heritage to the skyline.

Context sketch

Providing a contemporary and elegant interpretation of the area’s historic red brick buildings, this ambitious project will create an attractive and desirable place for students to live and work whilst enjoying breath-taking views across the city.

The solid mill ‘chimney’ language defies many modern skyscrapers and instead creates an expression with a real sense of ‘being of Manchester’. The slenderness is reinforced by its homogenous skin of brick panels that alternates on every floor to open up glazed slots and add relief to the façade. Modern construction technologies will enable the delivery of traditional brick material at such heights in prefabricated modules.

Currently a multi-story car park, the Hulme Street scheme will provide purpose-built student accommodation as well as SME incubator workspace. This will provide a dedicated solution for the sustainable growth of the student population in Manchester and to compliment Manchester’s position as a pioneering city promoting development of future generations.

Typical lower and upper levels

Alongside its two near-neighbours, the building will form a high-rise tripartite cluster with the existing 32-storey Liberty Heights and the proposed 30-storey 1–5 New Wakefield Street. The red brick façade of the Hulme Street tower offers a considered contrast with their façades (ceramic grey and silver metallic).