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The project is the re-invention and re-wrapping of a tired 1980’s office building which will reinvigorate a neglected street corner in the heart of Birmingham’s business district.

The structure has been retained and extended to create a flexible, high quality office building. The external and internal appearance will be completely transformed, effectively creating a new office building at significantly reduced construction costs, in a reduced timescale and using a fraction of the embodied energy that would have been expended if the existing building had been demolished and then rebuilt.

The design process has involved a complete rethink of the functionality of each floorplate - from the ground up - to improve the appearance, efficiency, performance, quality and amenity across the building.


The creative use of materials both internally and externally is key to the success of the design. The use of physical models and CGI imagery allowed a richer understanding of how the key components of the design would work together. This process is particularly evident in the development of the new façade, where the old windows have been replaced with a new full height modern glazing system and bespoke ‘projecting’ bays which will articulate and radically transform the buildings appearance.

Facade model
Concept sketch
Roof concept

A simple yet robust palette of materials will run throughout the building from the new double height reception to the upper floors, creating a cohesive language of quality and place. Once completed the Cornerblock will be one of the finest workplace redevelopments in Birmingham. The transformation of the building will be striking, and the extensive remodelling combined with the meticulous attention to detail will meet the growing demands of the modern workplace in the heart of the city.