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Planning for Westmorland’s Home Office in Cumbria 

August 22, 2017

Following the success of award-winning Gloucester Services, the Westmorland Family have employed GHA to create their new 1,400sq m headquarters for their growing business.  This building will act as the home for the Cumbrian-based company at the original Tebay services site. The Home Office will act not only as an office for 60 people, but will also provide space to develop recipes and train staff.  Reflecting the ethos and brand of Westmorland, the simple, honest timber framed structure is clad in a black profiled fibre cement cladding, drawing inspiration from the surrounding rural vernacular. Like Westmorland, the building is linked to the landscape in which it inhabits. The building opens up onto natural landscaped, woodland setting filled with edible native plants that will provide ingredients for the chefs. The clean silhouette of this barn combined with crisp detailing will create a contemporary but familiar modern rustic building.

The open plan space is designed around the double height cafe/ kitchen at the centre of the building meaning the employees are not only connected to each other in a social and collaborative environment but keeping them connected to food as the heart of the business. The building relies on a holistic and natural approach to sustainability, with the materials green and local and keeping the energy and heating strategies simple with mixed mode ventilation and heat recovery. Similarly rather than a gym, staff are encouraged to discover the exceptional landscape through new connections to the footpath network taking advantage about the unique setting for this exciting new and innovative working environment.

The project will be going on site this Autumn.