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London Skyline 2145: An Architect’s Perspective

December 7, 2015

Glenn Howells was invited to take part in this year’s Gleeds 2015 charity auction. For the event ‘London Skyline 2145: An Architect’s Perspective,’ Gleeds invited the UK’s leading architects to create a unique piece of art which imagined the London skyline in 130 years’ time. The event was organised to celebrate Gleeds 130th year in business and was held at the RIBA London on 3rd Dec.

The auction was held in aid of The Transformation Trust, an educational charity dedicated to helping students from disadvantages backgrounds across the country. The evening raised £13,000 for the cause.

Glenn submitted his one one-off sketch to the auction and describes his approach to the brief:

“By 2145 sea levels have risen by 3m above where they are today, population pressure has been somewhat eased by recent dramatic events so the capital has now only to deal with a reduced population of 25 million. London, as it has done many times over the last thousand years, has adapted to the changing conditions through developing new infrastructure allowing it to survive whereas other low lying cities have been abandoned.

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