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Internet Giants

March 22, 2018

We are delighted to be supporting the latest exhibition at Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery: Langlands & Bell’s “Internet Giants: Masters of the Universe” which runs until the 10th June.

The exhibition features the new iconic architecture of global technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Alibaba and Google, in the form of a new series of relief sculptures, installations, digital animations and portraits that explore the increasingly profound influence these huge companies have on our lives in the age of “Big Data”.

This timely and fascinating exhibition raises some profound questions about the role of architecture in a world dominated by non-elected powerful corporations.

Our support of the exhibition also marks the end of Glenn’s 13-year membership of the Ikon’s board and recent chairmanship.

To celebrate we are running a family Model Making Workshop in our Birmingham studio, where families are invited to join Modelmaker Pierre Greenway to design and construct their own architectural model which will then be displayed in the Gallery.

More information here.